Why you need a blog


Welcome to my first blog post, which is very aptly named ‘Why you need a blog.’

You may be thinking that blogging will take too much time away from your other tasks for your business, or maybe putting finger to keyboard just isn’t what you enjoy. The thing is, not having a blog for your business could potentially be resulting in you missing out on working with clients and also showing the world your knowledge and products! Below are a few reasons why you need a blog for your business:

1. It will boost your Google rankings

Blogging can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings which results in your business showing higher up in Google searches. This is useful especially if you are targeting the local market. Using tactical key words in a natural and engaging way is a powerful skill.

2. It will boost website traffic and sales

To really have an impact on potential customers you have to be writing content that people will actively share and shout about. Showing off your products, talking about your services and even sharing 'behind the scenes' content are all great starting points when it comes to blog writing.

3. A lot of brands are investing in blogging

If you’re not a natural writer, blogging can be a mundane process to put yourself through. Honestly, if you don't enjoy it - DON’T DO IT. Outsource blog writing to save your sanity but still reap the benefits.

If your schedule is full to the brim or you find putting finger to keyboard a struggle, outsource your blog writing to Wellness & Wander Studio! Send me a message to start improving your website SEO and creating a voice for your business.